Head Teacher 3, Pilig Alto Elementary School, Cabagan, Isabela


AT THE  conception of the pandemic caused by the deadly coronavirus and its new variant SARS COV 2 or B117, the Department of Education is now in its greatest enigma.

The sudden change in the phase of Education shudders everyone putting each in an irresolute situation that makes us all groping in the dark.

Teachers, parents, and children as well are all surprised of the drastic change in the Educational system. It all started with the Deped Order 008 s. 2020 known as the Guidelines for Enrollment for School Year 2020-2021 in the Context of Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19, the so called-remote enrollment.

Remote enrollment then is truly a challenge to everyone as parents asked questions that even we, teachers are not sure of the answers.

Questions like “Can our children gain and master the knowledge and skill they need to acquire with the different learning platforms presented? How can they learn more when we, the parents cannot provide everything like gadgets they need considering that we are only hand-to-mouth life status?  How can we guide them when we only reached grade 3?”

Assuring them only that we, teachers, are reachable for any queries (though deep inside me bleeds for I know that most of my students are from downtrodden family who cannot afford to buy even the basic cellphone) this I was able to encourage them to enroll and let them embraced the distance learning specifically the modular form. To this I say, success! However,as time passes, variety of dilemmas arise. Students and parents keep on telling me that their children cannot gain mastery and skill with just the use of modules. There is no substitute with the teacher’s presence in presenting the lesson so as parents keep on blubber mouthed.

Encouraging them is what we need to do as a caterer of education. But how could I not be affected when I saw and witnessed students who cannot pass their modules on time? Why?

It’s simple! They are in the mountains painstakingly sacrificing to be away from home for days and weeks just to help their parents in providing their basic needs. Imagine a family of five with a mother serving as a helper in a restaurant and a father in a construction. With the arise of the pandemic, everything stopped and closed following the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Protocol.

We must address these concerns. It is about time to help gear the path of effective and standard education into the new normal.

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