ALC Group expands into television industry with launch of Aliw 23

ALIW Broadcasting Corporation is set to embark on a significant milestone as it officially introduces Aliw 23, its digital broadcast television and free-to-air channel, on June 23, 2023, at The Podium Hall in Mandaluyong City. This highly anticipated launch signifies a major progression for Aliw Broadcasting Corporation, as it expands its presence in the television industry, building upon the accomplishments of its Home Radio and DWIZ brands.

With the theme “Reaching and Engaging More Filipinos Nationwide and Worldwide,” Aliw 23 is committed to providing the Filipino people with relevant news and entertainment on a global scale. The channel has prepared a diverse range of meaningful segments and programs to deliver a complete television experience for its viewers.

Atty. McNeil Rante, Executive Vice President and General Manager, expressed the channel’s dedication to public service, stating, “We will continue to be of service to the Filipino people by providing only the truth and unwavering public service.” Aliw 23 aims to become a trusted source of information and a platform for engaging content that resonates with its audience.

One of the key features of Aliw 23 is that all its programs can be viewed free of charge, without any subscription required. This accessibility ensures that the channel can reach a wide audience and fulfill its mission of connecting with Filipinos nationwide and even globally.

Chairman D. Edgard A. Cabangon reflects on the late Ambassador Antonio Cabangon Chua, founder of the ALC Group of Companies, stating, “This achievement fills me with confidence that my father, the late Ambassador Antonio Cabangon Chua would have been proud to witness the expansion of the business he established. Serving the Filipino people has always been his vision, and establishing a broadcasting channel was one of his aspirations for the ALC Group. I am certain he would be delighted to see this dream become a reality.”

As the launch of Aliw 23 draws near, anticipation builds among Filipinos eager for a fresh and engaging television experience. The channel’s commitment to providing quality content and fostering public service demonstrates its determination to become a leading player in the Philippine broadcasting landscape.

Aliw Broadcasting Corporation is a proud member of the ALC Group of Companies, which is the home of some distinguished brands in various industries including insurance, banking and finance, pre-need, memorial care, hotels, and media, among others.