It all began in the family’s backyard where coconuts fell from three towering trees. The concern of Adonis about his son’s skin asthma and the costly medical expenses for his treatment urged him to start researching for a more factual and scientific process for virgin coconut oildti and eventually, learned the proper method of making our own virgin coconut oil.

Prudently, he didn’t want to waste the coconuts that fell to the ground. Lovingly I was looking for a remedy for his son’s skin condition and making it an inspiration to move ahead.

The home kitchen became a family hub. Using the traditional grater, bolo, and cheese cloth, they worked together to produce virgin coconut oil (VCO). Initial attempt were failures, but quitting was not an option. It took a lot of trials and errors but perseverance rewarded them with the perfection of the process.

Again, hope springs eternal when one operates with faith. This was validated when an uncle who owned a farm land agreed to share an idle space, free of any rental, to serve as a new production site. His kindness paved the way for efficiency and additional capacity for production.

Department of Science and Technology also assisted by upgrading the equipment.

As of today, Adonis continues to develop more products, improve their processes as they grow as a team and a family with one common goal in our hearts: to be a community of coconut producers of high quality coconut products.