Commissioner Lumagui: New CPAs Avoid Involvement in Fake/Ghost Receipts

BUREAU of Internal Revenue Commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui, Jr. addressed the passers of the May 2023 Licensure for Certified Public Accountants by warning them of the pitfalls if they use Fake/Ghost Receipts in the exercise of their profession. This comes after Commissioner Lumagui filed a criminal case for tax evasion with the Department of Justice and a revocation of license with the Professional Regulation Commission against the CPA involved in the Fake/Ghost Receipts syndicate. The same CPA also lost her accreditation with the BIR after the agency revoked the same because of her involvement in the said syndicate.

“Congratulations to all the new CPAs! Congratulations to you, as well as to your family and support groups. As the Filipino community welcomes you into the practice of your profession, remember the values and ethical standards befitting your stature in our society. The CPA involved in the Fake/Ghost Receipts syndicate is now facing a criminal case with the DOJ and a revocation of her license with the PRC. The BIR also removed her accreditation.”

Commissioner Lumagui created the National Task Force – Run After Fake Transactions for the purpose of stopping the decades long practice of taxpayers buying receipts in order for them to evade taxes. He has filed criminal and administrative cases against the Sellers and CPAs involved. The Buyers are currently being made to explain their transactions with these Sellers. Failure to do so would result into payment of deficiency taxes and a criminal case for tax evasion.

“Buyers of Fake/Ghost Receipts have to explain their transactions with the Sellers who are part of this syndicate. All concerns should be raised to the BIR. Failure to explain these transactions will result into the filing of criminal cases for tax evasion against all corporate officers. Pay your deficiency taxes.”