THE Department of Trade and Industry’s Consumer Protection Group (DTI-CPG), in partnership with business establishments, ensures consumers’ access to various information materials through DTI’s Consumer Corner Program which was launched in August 2018.

The program offers readily accessible consumer-related materials in supermarkets such as SM, Robinsons and Waltermart to further assist consumers on their queries and concerns in purchasing basic needs and educate them on their rights and responsibilities and other relevant consumer information that will be beneficial for their day to day activities.

Topics of advocacy flyers include Discounts for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disability on Basic Necessities and Prime Commodities, Consumer Rights and Responsibilities, Price Tag, Product Safety, and Warranty.

As part of its commitment in strengthening consumer awareness and protection, DTI also intensifies its advocacy campaigns through social media.  People with internet access can join the DTI-CPG’s Consumer Policy and Advocacy Bureau’s (CPAB) weekly Consumer Care Webinar Series via Zoom or via Facebook live, and learn from various consumer-related topics. Social cards on different policies are also available in the DTI official social media accounts – Consumer Care Instragram, Twitter, and Facebook – to keep the general public updated.

DTI Consumer Protection Group Undersecretary Ruth B. Castelo emphasizes, “The DTI extends its appreciation to our partners in the private sector for helping us in educating our fellowmen through this program. The Department appreciates the help of the supermarkets, which have become effective distribution sources of consumer programs and information.”

For more consumer-relation information, visit the DTI website.  For consumer-related concerns and queries, you may send an email to ConsumerCare@dti.gov.ph or reach us thru the One-DTI (1-384) Hotline.


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