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TALK of  the town ang palitan ng akusasyon ni Ellen Adarna at ng teen netizen na nakasabay ng sexy actress at ng live-in mate nitong si John Lloyd Cruz in one of the ramen restaurants in Makati last Friday, May 4.

The way Ellen ranted on the teen netizen, who was identified as Eleila Santos, is reportedly unfair since the netizen did not do anything bad.

Since Ellen happens to be a celebrity, it’s but normal that people would be interested to take her photos.

Ngunit naninindigan si Eleila na hindi niya umano kilala si Ellen.

She is not also aware of her presence inside the ramen restaurant when she took a video of the food they were about to eat that was intended for her Instagram story.

Nagulat na lamang daw siya nang makatanggap ng tawag mula sa isang kaibigan wherein she was told that her photos were posted at the IG stories of the sexy star.

She tried to contact Ellen by way of direct messaging at the Instagram but she did not answer.

Eleila’s mom Myra Santos came to her rescue.

“If you had any problem with my daughter, you should have told her directly or at least got my number and called me,” she bluntly said. “I would take the responsibility since she is still a minor.”

“I would not have tolerated what she did if it was wrong. But, on this issue, wala ako makitang mali sa ginawa ng anak ko.

“Her response showed that my daughter is innocent and sincere.”

Eleila’s mom snidely added, “I heard from the comments that you are pregnant or have already given birth.”

“Someday you will realize how I feel as a mother. You hurt me more than you hurt my daughter.”

Pinanindigan din ni Myra na hindi nila kilala si Ellen.

“I know my daughter will never do what you are accusing her of doing,” she quipped. “Kung hindi kita kilala, mas lalong hindi ka kilala ng anak ko, and I can’t see any reason for her to take a video and photos of you.”

“I didn’t bring her to one of the most reputable schools in the Philippines to be a liar.”

“Those are not the values we taught our daughter.”

Kinampihan naman ng netizens ang mag-ina, basing from the comments on Facebook.


MAY pictorial si Korina Sanchez with renowned photographer Josh Ke and she shared then on her Instagram account. The meticulous angling of the shoot have shown the broadcaster at her best, thereby triggering speculations that she purportedly has had a nose job.

One post showing her looking young and so beautiful has triggered the curiosity of some of her Instagram followers.

Her post went something like this: “Living our #BestLife does not mean we have to be the best in everything.”

“It only means that we have to try our best in every­thing that we do. Korina”

She did look gorgeous in the photo, fueling speculation that she has had a nose job.

To clear matters, Korina said in an interview that she didn’t get a nose job.

“I’m happy and proud to let everyone know that my nose today is as I was born with,” she asseverated. “Must be the angle of the shot that makes my nose there look different.”

“I am forever grateful to my Dad Monching Sanchez, who gave this nose to me. Thank you for asking,” she said, visibly amused.

Sometime early this year, the winsome newscaster made headlines when it was revealed that she is the newest endorser of Belo Beauty.

Korina showed her new gorgeous look that surprised the netizens and the public as a whole.

And with that, ito po ang Kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity. Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nhong!

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