For 46 years, Eternal Gardens has been a primary mover of memorial care products in the Philippines. Since then, it has lived up to its mission of helping the Filipino families prepare for uncertainties, providing a relieving assurance that a moment of death for someone should not be a moment of heavier burden to their loved ones. Throughout the years, it has positioned itself as one of the premier memorial parks Filipinos choose across the country.

With 11 parks billeted in key cities, Eternal Gardens pledges to develop more parks, and go the extra mile to cater the needs of the Filipino people.


Along with the company’s aim to develop and expand the existing parks of Eternal Gardens, a new memorial park is about to rise in Opol,Misamis Oriental. With the limited inventory available in its park in Barangay Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City, the company eyes to open another branch located in the adjacent Municipality of Opol to answer the growing demands for quality memorial services of Kagay-anons. The park will offer a complete inventory of lawn lots, garden estates, heritage estates, and family estates. The company is eyeing to break ground in the first quarter of 2023.

Aside from Opol, Misamis Oriental, Eternal Gardens President and COO Numeriano B. Rodrin also gave a hint about a possible new park in the Province of Batangas. Once actualized, it will be the company’s fourth branch in the said province – joining the parks in Batangas City(Balagtas and Concepcion) and Lipa. The company is also looking to venture into billeting a memorial park in Visayas – the first Visayan Eternal Gardens in the making.


Backfilling activities, road developments, drainage constructions, and fencing are all in the works as Eternal Gardens commits to bringing well-managed parks to its clientele across the country.

In Balagtas, Batangas City, road development in the new expansion called the Court of St. Mary Euphrasia is ongoing. This 3.8-hectare development will open more lot inventories, responding to the growing demands of the Batangueños. In Concepcion, road and path walk developments are in the works, along with the drainage construction at the park.

Up north, Eternal Gardens Dagupan already started its backfilling and fencing works as its expansion continues.

Eternal Gardens Naga, Eternal Gardens Santa Rosa, and Eternal Gardens Cabanatuan are also tracking its way to development with road works already starting in their respective branches.


As the company sees the need for more columbarium, most Eternal Gardens parks have ongoing development of this type of memorial property. Recently, the three spans of crypts at the Court of San Lorenzo Ruiz in Biñan were finished and are now being offered to the clients.

Meanwhile, the St. John the Evangelist Gazebo-type Columbarium is now open for sale. This well-designed columbarium lies beautifully at the heart of Eternal Gardens Dagupan. With its marketable and strategic location, units were easily sold and only a few inventories are left.

For Eternal Gardens Baesa, the company’s target within the year is to deliver about 8,000 crypts. The construction is ongoing, and very soon, clients can avail themselves of these beautifully- crafted crypts.

Constructions of crypts and columbarium are also ongoing in Eternal Gardens Cabanatuan, Eternal Gardens Balagtas, Eternal Gardens Santa Rosa, Eternal Gardens Naga, Eternal Gardens Lipa, and Eternal Gardens Cagayan de Oro City.


Aside from park developments, the company is also expanding its crematory and chapel services.

Since 2001, Eternal Gardens Dagupan has been one of the first providers of cremation service in the area. Through the years, it has stayed true to its commitment to giving the best service to Dagupeños. With the growing number of clients for cremation service, the company has ventured into constructing a new crematory building at Eternal Gardens Dagupan. The 81.2 sqm building, sitting at the Court of St. John the Evangelist in Section D, is nearing its completion and will be open to serve the Dagupeños by the end of August.

Along with the building construction is the newly-acquired crematory machine that will enable the company to process up to nine (9) bodies within 12 hours of operation. With this, the cremation process will only take about 45 to 90 minutes, leading to a faster and more efficient service to the clientele.

Meanwhile, the construction of Eternal Chapels Balagtas, the first Eternal Chapels in the province of Batangas, is now in full-swing. Excavation and floor leveling are now in the works, and by October 2022, the company hopes to showcase at least two (2) operational chapels. Project completion is expected by the second half of 2023 that will deliver one mortuary facility and 14 beautifully-designed chapels.

“I believe that Eternal Chapels Balagtas will make a great addition to Batangas City. We have been known for delivering good quality service with a heart to the Batangueños since 1986. One edge that we have is our extra mile assistance that is always freely given even before our clients ask for it. We also provide innovative and creative touch to our systems and services. Along with these are the modern and top–tier equipment and amenities,not to mention our well-trained and well-mannered personnel. I think Eternal Chapels Balagtas will be the gateway of our clients’ dearly beloved to theireternal home with our Creator”, Eternal Gardens Balagtas branch manager Jocelyn Buendia proudly shared.

With all these upcoming developments on-site and in sight, Eternal Gardens keeps its promise to continue to bloom asa trusted institution that provides better quality memorial care services to more Filipino families.