Comeback in showbiz is never easy. Many actors who have left at the peak of their careers normally won’t get a successful comeback, unless you are Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, Maricel Soriano or Sharon Cuneta. Despite these glaring facts, a lot of actors especially those with still successful careers in different fields are  raring to come back in the crazy yet enjoyable world called show business.

Marinella Moran, one of the hottest sexy actresses in the 90s is ready to join the showbiz bandwagon again.  A total picture of a successful career woman, Marinella need not go back to this intrigue-ridden world,  but the showbiz bug has bitten her again.

It took a lot of convincing for this pretty woman who’s now living in a “bed of roses” in the rich city state of Singapore. It was planned several years ago that she will produce her own film in cooperation with Viva Entertainment, but the demand of her job plus her challenging role as a young mom prevented everything to materialize.

Nevertheless, she already put her foot forward into, with a comeback film in 2022. Come February, she will have a story conference with the choice members of the press for the film, “ Nagalit Ang Buwan Sa Init Ng Araw”. The title seems sexy but it is a unique family drama where she pits acting talents with award-winning actors Elizabeth Oropesa, Dante Rivero and Jay Manalo. To give the film a younger flavor, she’s eying Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Janella Salvador among others.

Before the shoot, Marinella will take acting workshops. With 40 films in the past, she was fully trained by directors Maryo delos Reyes (RIP) and Joel Lamangan, but almost 19 years offscreen made her think that she really needs to refresh her acting skills.

Moreover, Marinella is set to receive an award from a prestigious award-giving body in the UK and grace international and local magazines before the camera starts grinding.

She’s not a star with a title, but we are sure that with her determination, training and love for showbiz, Marinella Moran’s comeback is something worth waiting for.