FORMER actor and former member of the then hit-variety show on TV, “That’s Entertainment” Joed Serrano, remains unfazed even with these trying times. While other peopleJOED SERRANO in the showbiz industry suffered a slump in their careers, the megaproducer comes up with several movies to discover new faces and give other people in the industry from actors to production team to press people some work. This is a welcome move for the generous producer who is coming up with movies one after the other.

Just finished shooting is a movie which is a sequel of Lino Brocka’s classic “Macho Dancer”.  The new version which is now titled “Anak Ng Macho Dancer” is under the helm of Joel Lamangan. Serrano chose to discover new faces for this delicately-themed movie. New find Sean de Guzman plays the title role with the original Macho Dancer Allan Paule as his father. Another new discovery, Ricky Gumera plays a pivotal role as the son being molested by his father played by the still dashing Jay Manalo. Also in the cast is Charles Nathan who will soon get another pivotal role as the young Joed in the latter’s biopic.

The choice of Sean de Guzman in the title role is his freshness and a deadringer of the Allan Paule. Sean looks innocent and he dances very well. So, the role of a macho dancer fits him a T. It can be recalled that the original movie directed by the great Lino Brocka was filmed in 1988 with Ricky Lee and Amado Lacuesta as scriptwriters. This time, with the award-winning Joel Lamangan handling the film,  Henry King Quitain was given the task to write the script. The original cast of Allan Paule and Jaclyn Jose reprised their roles in the film. Also in the cast are Rosanna Roces, Jay Manalo and Emilio Garcia.

The movie just finished shooting and Serrano is coming up with other films like “Anak ng Burlesk Queen”, his biopic, “The Lives and Loves of Joed Serrano” and according to the grapevine, there are other movies like “ Anak ni Totoy Mola” and “Monay”.

Despite the pandemic, the megaproducer is continuously giving jobs to people in the industry. This is heartwarming for those who really need work during this most difficult time. Mr. Joed Serrano’s gesture is very commendable and we salute you for that Sir!

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