Motortrade Opens Its 100th Honda Store in Quezon City

Quezon City, Philippines – Motortrade, the Philippines’ premier motorcycle dealer, opened its 100th Honda store along East Ave., Quezon City.

The new Honda flagship store promises to be a haven for motorcycling enthusiasts, offering a diverse and impressive range of motorcycles on display, catering to riders of all preferences and skill levels. From sleek scooters to powerful big bikes, from adventure motorcycles like the Honda Africa Twin and CRF series, to exhilarating sport bikes such as the Honda CBR series, there’s definitely something for everyone at this exciting new location.  Knowledgeable and well-trained staff are available to provide expert assistance to customers in choosing the perfect motorcycle to match their riding aspirations.

In addition, Motortrade’s Honda Flagship Store does not only offer an extensive range of motorcycles but also provides access to genuine Honda motorcycle parts and comprehensive after-service care. Customers are assured that all their motorcycle needs, from purchase to maintenance, will be expertly met under one roof.

“We are incredibly proud to reach this significant milestone of our 100th Honda store opening, and we couldn’t have chosen a more fitting location than Quezon City for our 2nd Honda flagship store.  This store is a testament of our commitment to provide the best options and services to our valued customers,” says Motortrade President, Paulino C. Ongtenco.

“I cannot help but be grateful for my father’s vision to make motorcycles accessible to Filipinos. What we are seeing and what our customers may experience as they come and visit us here at our flagship store is what Alagang Motortrade is all about,” he further added.

The partnership between Motortrade and Honda has yielded outstanding results over the years, and this new flagship store is a testament to their dedication to the motorcycling community. With a prime location in Quezon City, the store promises to be a hub for riders and enthusiasts in the region.  The opening of the new store is not just a milestone for Motortrade and Honda but also a testament to the enduring passion of motorcycle enthusiasts across the Philippines.