NARINIG n’yo na ba o mayroon na kayong Nature’s Air – room and car ionizer? Ito ay isang essential appa­ratus para makaiwas sa suffocation due to air pollution and contamination when you’re inside your room sleeping or while driving your air conditioned car sa gitna ng matinding trapik.

Anyway, itong Nature’s Air, room and car ionizer, ang napapanahong invention sa first issue ng kolum na ito. Ang inventor nito na si RO­DOLFO B. BIESCAS, SR. ay prolific, multi-awarded Fili­pino inventor. He hails from Bicol-Bacacay, Albay, where he was born on December 8,1946.

Rudy, as he’s fondly called, had shown his creativ­ity since a toddler and had set this into motion at age 10 nang gumawa siya ng isang “make-shift bridge out of kitchen ashes” matapos niyang mapa­nood ang paggawa ng tulay sa isang construction site near his home. Kaya lang during his adulthood ay kailangan niyang magtrabaho bilang elemen­tary teacher para magkaroon ng income. But creative as he is, his first job experience as a teacher helped him enhanced his ingenuity. He evolved into a brilliant inventor and is now one of the treasured pil­lars of the Filipino inventors’ culture.

Ang kauna-unahang patented invention ni Rudy ay multi-cooler fan (semi-air conditioner) in 1995. In his late 40s, he be­came member of the Filipino Inventors Society, Inc. (FIS, Inc.). Few years later, he was elected as one of the society’s Board of Directors and soon became its President. Isa siya sa founding members ng Fili­pino Multi-Purpose Coopera­tive (FMPC).

Sa kasalukuyan ay may­roon nang eight (8) patented inventions and innovations si Inv. Rudy. Itinatag niya ang ECONOLUX ENTERPRISE para maging exclusive outlet ng kanyang ng mga produk­tong ayon sa kanya ay solusyon sa global concern on en­ergy, environment and health. Ang mga ito ay ang Multi Cooler Fan, a semi-air con­ditioning unit was developed in 1982; Iron Mate, a switch­ing device that automatically shuts off when an ordinary flat iron is not in use; Super Flame Charwood Stove, a stove with aluminum body and flame regulator and detachable com­ponents; BricksCoal, a steady heat odourless and smokeless cooking fuel; Cosmic Pure, a water purifier; Pacman, a me­chanical street sweeper; Sa­pun, a sanitary disposal toilet seat cover; at ang tatalakayin natin ngayong Nature’s Air, a room and car ionizer.

NATURE’S AIR – Air Cleaner with Ionizer

PHIL. PAT. NO. I-1997-55446

NATURE’S AIR, an environment-friendly invention, removes air­borne contaminants such as odour or fume, smoke, dust particles and micro-organisms by using acti­vated carbon filter. Nega­tive and positive ions are the essential elements of this invention.

Negative ions are oxy­gen atoms charged with an extra electron. In nature’s process, they are created by the effects of water, air, sunlight and earth’s inher­ent radiation. Positive ions are sort of atoms or mol­ecules which has become positively electrified.

Para ma-utilize ang negative at positive ions, nag-design si Inv. Rudy ng high-tech device “ion emitter” na magpo-pro­duce ng combination of negative and positive ions in a ratio of 4:3.

This ratio helps the dust particles and carbon monoxide settle to the dust collector inside the unit, rather than on other sur­faces. The excess negative ions restore nature’s ion balance and enhance natu­ral health and well-being of the Nature’s Air user/s.


Room Size: 16x20x8 ft.

Air Flow: 20 mg/hr.

Unit Dimensions: 4”x16”x6” (WxLxH)

Weight: 1.5 kg

Voltage: 220v/60hz

Watts: 10w

Ion Output: 8,000,000cm/ml

Oxidants Output: 3,000mg/hr.

Maliban sa Nature’s Air room ionizer, nag-design din si Inv. Rudy ng Nature’s Air car ionizer with the same essential elements ng room ionizer.

Ang main function ng car ionizer device is to neutralize the air inside an air conditioned car sa pamamagitan ng pag-emit nito ng negative ions.

Negative ions have beneficial effects on the brain and physical condi­tion of the persons inside an air conditioned vehicle, particularly the driver as they (negative ions) gener­ate mental alertness thus avoid vehicular accident.

Papaano ba naisip ni Inv. Rudy na gawin ang invention niyang ito?

According to Inv. Rudy sa isa naming pag-uusap tungkol sa Na­ture’s Air invention niya, “Matindi na at tumitindi pa ang air pollution sa atmos­phere na nakaka-penetrate na sa loob ng bahay natin hanggang sa ating mga silid-tulugan. Hindi na rin ligtas ang kalusugan ng mga nagmamaneho ng mga sasakyan at mga na­kasakay sa kanila lalo na sa air conditioned cars and buses. Kahit gaano kasi ka-sealed ang kanilang air conditioned vehicle ay pumapasok pa rin ang pol­luted air mula sa labas at nahihinga nila ito. Sa air conditioned rooms, meron ngang namatay habang na­tutulog lang. Sa vehicles, meron ding habang nag­mamaneho bigla na lang nahilo kaya naaksidente.”

On September 26, 2017 World Environmen­tal Health Day, the De­partment of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Health (DOH) and the World Health Organiza­tion (WHO)-Philippines, jointly highlighted the environmental risk of in­door (room or closed cu­bicle such as inside an air conditioned vehicle) and outdoor air pollution to the health of Filipinos. Air pollution is an environ­mental health risk around the world with 92% of the world’s population ex­posed to air quality levels which exceed WHO’s am­bient air quality guidelines. People in urban areas are more exposed to danger­ous levels of air pollution than those in rural areas. Air pollutants such as sul­fate, nitrates and black car­bon, found in both indoor and outdoor settings, are extremely dangerous to people’s health. When the size of the particulate mat­ter in the air is 2.5 microm­eters (PM2.5) and below, it penetrates to a person’s lungs and cardiovascular system. – Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

About 20 years prior to the 2017 World Envi­ronmental Health Day, na-realize na ni Inv. Rudy ang environmental problem na pinag-usapan ng DENR, DOH at WHO. He was already conducting a re­search and development tungkol sa air pollution at kung papaano maiiwasan ng mga tao ang masa­mang epekto nito sa kalu­sugan. Mahirap i-control ang air pollution sa open surroundings. Pero may natuklasan siyang sistema on how to sanitize o linisin ang polluted air na naka­pasok sa loob ng bahay at sa air-conditioned rooms or vehicles. The fruit of his long years of R&D is the Nature’s Air – Room and Car Ionizer.


Ang inyo pong ling­kod, Butch Roldan, ay isa ring inventor at dating Public Relations Officer ng Filipino Inventors So­ciety, Inc. But my name registered in this organiza­tion is Inv. Ruben Roldan Pesebre, my birth name. “Butch Roldan” is just my pen name and have been using this as a journalist since 1991 until I retired in 2014 as Section Editor from one of the newspa­pers of the Philippine Jour­nalists, Inc. “Butch” is my nickname while “Roldan” is the maiden name of my demised beloved mother.

You will be reading this column once a week featuring a Filipino inven­tor and his/her invention. You will know from here our countless inventors na­tionwide whose patented inventions/innovations are not commercialized or seen in the markets, malls or establishments. Sa lis­tahan lang ng Filipino Inventors Society, Inc. ay may nakatalang around three hundred (300) Pinoy inventors, each holding more than one patented useable inventions/innova­tions. Majority of them are not entrepreneur or hindi mga negosyante kaya ku­lang sa publicity or pro­motion ang produkto ng kanilang crafts.

Magagaling lang po ang mga inventor/inno­vator mag-observe kung ano-anong mga bagay pa ang kailangan ng mga tao sa araw-araw na pamumu­hay. And based on those observations, they start to think and create something which is cost-effective and will facilitate people’s daily activities. We believe that our talent as inventors is a gift from God and that we have to do our “mis­sion” in this world what­ever the circumstances are.

This column, there­fore, hopes to promote the products of the creative minds of Filipino inven­tors/innovators and open the awareness of business­men on the potentials of their handiworks which could contribute to the pro­gress of our country. BUTCH ROLDAN

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