NHMFC’s TODO Diskwento Program benefits more delinquent loan borrowers

The National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation’s (NHMFC) announced that more delinquent housing loan borrowers are benefitting from its recently launched TODO Diskwento Program (TODO).

The TODO Diskwento Program not only offers a guaranteed 100% penalty condonation, but a higher discount on unpaid interests that can go as high as 100% depending on the borrower’s total payments made. “This makes this program the most extensive penalty condonation program in the history of NHMFC,” NHMFC President Renato L. Tobias stressed.

The NHMFC targeted a total of 2,700 delinquent borrowers to benefit from the TODO Diskwento Program. Accounts in arrears by 4 to 12 months as of August 31, 2023 are qualified to avail of the 100% discount on unpaid interests.

“With TODO, we have already released more Transfer Certificate of Titles (TCTs),” said President Tobias.

He encouraged NHMFC’s delinquent housing loan borrowers to hurry and visit the nearest NHMFC office and avail of TODO to save thousands of pesos from penalties and unpaid interests.
“We’ve always lived up to our mandate of increasing the availability of affordable housing loans for our Filipino homebuyers, but while doing so, we wanted to help them (homebuyers) save their precious homes from delinquency no matter what circumstances they have experienced. That is why, we offer the TODO Diskwento Program as a significant financial relief to our Filipino homebuyers,” President Tobias further stressed.

NHMFC is one of the government’s key shelter agencies under the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD).