The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) welcomes the decision of the Office of the President to leave the investigation of the alleged “corruption” in PCSO to the Office of the Ombudsman, PCSO Spokesperson Atty. Marissa Medrano said.

“PCSO is open to all forms of investigation and encouraged its officilas and employees to subject themselves to any formal in-vestigation by any investigation body.  The PCSO Board, its management and its employees stand by its value of professionalism.  If a person has nothing to hide, then by all means, an investigation by an independent investigating body will be very much wel-come,” Atty. Medrano said.

“The PCSO Governing Board already said it will not cuddle anyone, whether management or rank and file employees who is found to be involved in graft and corrupt practices, especially if it involves public funds,” she added.

PCSO is optimistic that the investigation is also a means to cleanse the agency if there really are corrupt officials and employees among its ranks.

Medrano added that amidst controversies, PCSO assures the public that the operations and the provision of health and medical relat-ed services to Filipinos nationwide will continue.

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