Ed Cordevilla

ANG SUMUSUNOD ay halaw sa aking talk na ibinigay kamakailan sa piling ng ating over­seas Filipino workers. Akin po itong gagamitin sa ating munting pitak ngayon para sa kapakina­bangan naman ng ating mga suking mambabasa:

OFWs remit a mini­mum of P100 billion a month, that’s a minimum of P1.2 trillion a year. You are the target of most of the big businesses in the country – the Ayalas, the Sys, the Gokongweis and the banks.

You have the power of the purse. Out of your sacrifices this govern­ment survives and Filipi­nos live decent lives.

Most of you are dreaming, if not, already lured into doing busi­ness yourself. There’s no clear-cut formula for any successful business, there are just many vari­ables.

PILIPINO Mirror, the first business tabloid in the Philippines, is pre­cisely made to cater to your information needs as an entrepreneur. It is your daily business coach. It is already out in the market even before you wake up in the early morning. That’s how serious we are as your partner.

The sacrifices our OFWs commit them­selves to abroad should not come to nought. Every peso is out of their tears, blood and pain. Every peso is precious.


Know your business, know the trends, the best suppliers, study the loca­tion, the market in that location, calculate your capital vis-à-vis the per­ceived losses for every month, or even years, in that particular busi­ness. Don’t mistake on spending all your capital in securing and renovat­ing the location of your business. Be conserva­tive, but if you have to do real business be ready for the losses, for only then, after that pump-priming and the challenges, you may gain your first de­cent profit. There’s no such thing as overnight success.

PILIPINO Mirror is there to inspire you and guide you daily. Re­member: Walang short-cut. Don’t believe in in­vestments that promise a yield of 20% or more. Wala pong ganun.


‘Yung ibang business sa pagse-set-up pa lang ng negosyo, na-bankrupt na. Nandiyan ang pa­grerehistro ng negosyo, all the necessary permits, kaliwa’t kanan ang kailangang bayaran, DTI, fire clearance, rent­als, sanitary permit, envi­ronmental permit, etc.

When you become an entrepreneur, you become a new person. Wala nang mag-uutos sa iyo. You are on your own, ang boss mo ay ang iyong merkado. You have to equip yourself with valuable information and it is not a once-a-week assignment, it should be habitual.

Para huwag maligaw ng diskarte sa negosyo. Read PILIPINO Mirror every morning. It’s your daily coach in business.

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