Statement of Atty. Vic Rodriguez Chief of Staff and Spokesman of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos On Reports that Twitter suspended more than 300 accounts in Marcos network:


“We commend Twitter for keeping a close watch against platform manipulation, spam and other attempts to undermine the public conversation through its operating system which are a violation of the Twitter rules.

However, we would like to warn the Twitter management against an online news network which uses its platform to advance the political agenda of a certain presidential aspirant by using a disinformation network to take down what it alleged as disinformation network.

While it is true that there could have been hundreds of Twitter accounts that were suspended, there is no certainty that all of them belong to the supporters of Bongbong Marcos.

In fact, the information from a Twitter spokesperson did not even mention any account in Marcos network, nor the exact number of accounts, that were suspended.

Surprisingly, It was only Rappler which categorically mentioned that those accounts suspended by Twitter were more than “300 accounts in Marcos network.”

How did Rappler know with absolute certainty? Unless it is part of those who perpetrated the disinformation.”