SANTO  Tomas, Batangas, is about to become the epicenter of unparalleled cinematic experiences with the grand opening of the new SM Cinema Sto. Tomas. This state-of-the-art movie destination offers an extraordinary experience for all movie buffs, bringing together innovation, and a dash of whimsy to create a truly exceptional experience.

World Class Movie Theaters
SM Cinema Sto. Tomas has three modern and state-of-the-art movie theaters, offering a total seating capacity of 333. Each cinema is a technological marvel, equipped with laser cinema projection and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound System that ensures supreme audiovisual quality, providing breathtakingly vivid visuals, and ensures that every whisper, explosion, and musical note is crystal clear, immersing you in the story. You’ll feel every beat of the movie, making the experience extraordinary. From the latest blockbusters to heartwarming family films, every screening becomes a journey into the world of storytelling like no other.

SM Cinema Sto. Tomas welcomes you with a comfortable and extraordinary movie viewing with its cutting-edge technology that transforms every movie screening into an unforgettable spectacle.
Premium Opus Fixed seats

Sink into the lap of luxury as you relax in Premium Opus Fixed Seats, designed for ultimate comfort. You’ll never want to watch a movie anywhere else once you’ve experienced these plush and ergonomic seats. Whether you’re relaxing on a date night or enjoying a family outing, these seats offer the perfect blend of elegance and coziness.

Anywhere is the best seat with SM Cinema Sto.Tomas’ soft cushioned seats paired with spacious legroom.

Modern and futuristic design greets you
A testament to modern aesthetics, SM Cinema Sto.Tomas’ Scandinavian furniture design brings a touch of minimalist elegance to the cinema’s ambiance. Every corner is designed to soothe the senses and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The cinema’s interior design is a visual treat, with Scandinavian furniture and aesthetics that create a soothing, modern ambiance. It’s the perfect setting for an extraordinary cinematic escape.

The cinema hallways are uniquely themed, from the life-size Avengers action figures and wall popped up insignia, to the inviting The Simpson’s family bench and instagrammable wall backdrops, and an ambiance that feels straight out of a cyberpunk universe with striking neon lights. These captivating hallways immerse you in the cinematic world before you even enter the theater.

Even the comfort rooms at the SM Sto. Tomas Cinema offers an extraordinary experience with an impeccably clean, sleek, and themed look. The female restrooms will surely please your inner Disney princess, while the male restroom takes you to the Grand Line with its One Piece inspired decor.

AweSM movies coming up
Plan your movie dates ahead for the most awaited box office hits arriving at SM Cinema Sto.Tomas. Your greatest movie adventure is about to begin so book your tickets now or host a private screening with your friends and families, and marvel at the best cinematic experience together.

SM Cinema Sto. Tomas isn’t just a place to watch movies; it’s a destination where every visit becomes an extraordinary experience. With its world-class technology, luxurious seating, thoughtfully designed interiors, themed hallways, futuristic amenities, and eye-catching neon lights, it’s redefining the way people enjoy cinema. Step into the future of movie-watching and discover a cinematic adventure like no other, where extraordinary movie adventure awaits.